Rapid City Summer Nights

Groove Daddy

GROOVEDADDY are considered one of the premier bands in the Black Hills.

Combining the funky, grooving original music of lead singer Tom Whillock’s previous project Toadstool Jamboree with a batch of brand new material, Groovedaddy also jams hard with hip alt/classic rock tunes, reggae jams, funk grooves, gospel and old school country styles. At a Groovedaddy show, you’ll hear tunes from artists such as Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead and Bob Marley to Guster, Weezer, Ben Harper and The RH Chili Peppers.

Some might argue this is Tom’s second or even third wind since his days in Children which he founded with Kory Van Sickle of Kory and the Fireflies fame – one of South Dakota’s most well known bands. Bobby Sundby plays lead guitar; batting clean-up and playing third bass is Mike Hermanson; Earl Bartholow is on drums/vocals and Nate Larson on percussion. Like Tom, Earl has some notoriety in the music industry having played with the likes of America, Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys, The Platters and Frankie Avalon as well as in various projects out in the Sunset Strip scene in LA.

Website: www.facebook.com/rapidcitygroovedaddy