Rapid City Summer Nights

Steel Pony

STEEL PONY BAND is like having a hurricane drop by unexpectedly. You never know whats going to fly by you. If you don’t keep an eye on this band, you will miss how they intensify the show. And it’s never the same.

 Shar Lobsinger,  our lead singer, will most likely be face to face with the crowd  while she sings to you. She loves to walk through the crowd and meet everyone, most of the time when she’s singing. She invites you to dance with her anywhere in the bar or on the bar.  Her voice will melt you, steal you, believe in you, join you, surprise you and if you stay with us long enough, it will shock you into chills you’ve never felt.  

The Sax player, Bart Bartolotti, also plays keyboards.  He takes his Brass to the crowd and serenades to the dancing girls, who can’t get enough brass. Sometimes he jumps dangerously onto the bar. But he doesn’t stand very long, he lies down and slides on the bar while Tequila is in the air. Every night he has a standard, very meaningful phrase………”SOMEBODY SCREEEEEEM”.

Finally, one of the longest playing duo rhythm sections in South Florida, Tim Raymond on bass and Patrick Lobsinger on drums.

Tim can’t stop movin’. He’s the bass player that spins, twists and shouts, then kneels down in the middle of the heated dancing girls. He really cooks for the girls.  His closest friend is Johnny B Goode.  Although, if Brown Sugar came by, it’s bye bye Johnny B Goode.  

Patrick is just one crazy, stick flyin’, cymbal smashin’, bass pounding (he plays Tim’s bass using his drum sticks), leg shakin’, rockin’ drummer, while he’s lookinng right at you. Chances are he’s actually eating while rockin’.  

Steel Pony gets you stampeding to the dance floor.

ALWAYS READY TO BRING OUT THE STORM IN YOU at your New Years Eve Party, Birthday Party, St. Patrick’s Day Party, Summer Party, Weddings,Halloween Party and Christmas Party.

Website: www.steelponyband.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/steel.pony.5