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The Abbey Road Band

The Abbey Road Band consists of four guys who grew up loving the Beatles music. Back in the ’60s, when the “Fab 4” first hit the scene, they were all playing Beatles songs in their own towns, in their own local rock groups. They all continued to love the music through the following years. Now the music of the Beatles is popular once again. They formed this band so people could hear a live performance of the Beatles music.

The group came about when Monte Madison, the leader of “Abbey Road Band,” had the idea of “hand picking” three other guys who were as crazy about the Beatles as he was. He wanted to form a group to perform the Beatles music as close to the original records as possible. Special attention was given to getting the harmonies just right. In March 2001, Monte found 3 guys who met his high standards.
And all the members agreed to do whatever it takes to do the songs correctly, investing whatever time and effort is needed. (They found that if they changed the instruments around, they could perform a wider range of the Beatles songs.)

In their “Tribute to the Beatles Show”, they cover songs spanning the Beatles musical career. They currently perform more than 60 Beatles songs

Website: www.abbeyroadband.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TheAbbeyRoadBand