Rapid City Summer Nights

Outer Vibe

Outer Vibe is a multi-instrumentalist three-piece rock outfit with an innovative approach toward pop-styled songwriting. Their music is rich with vocal harmonies and guitar leads, supported by angular drum beats played with metric precision. Vocalist Sean Zuidgeest delivers an honest message with wide dynamics and melodic control, while Nick Hosford’s guitar playing interjects an unpredictable excitement and energy. Lisa Kacos’s calculated percussion holds the sound together while her surprise trumpet features add a sense of lyricism to the mix. Outer Vibe executes arrangements with the boldness of the great power trios such as The Police, Sublime, and Muse. The three members have been writing, recording, and performing together for 15 years, which is easily recognizable by their onstage chemistry.

Website: www.outervibe.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/theoutervibe

Weekly Sponsor: AARP of South Dakota